14 principles of multimedia learning book

The instructors job is to present information to the learner, and the learners job is to receive the information. The result is what mayer calls the cognitive theory of multimedia learning, a theory first developed in the first edition of multimedia learning and further developed in the cambridge handbook of multimedia learning. Principles for multimedia learning based on social cues. This is an overview of the classic principles of multimedia learning explained in. Now that weve established the cognitive psychology foundation, lets move on to summarizing each principle. Richard mayers seminal book multimedia learning details his. I have relied on the principles espoused in this text when considering how to design. Mayer adopts a constructivist view of learning in which multimedia are not simply information delivery systems, but rather cognitive aids for knowledge construction p. Cambridge core educational psychology multimedia learning by richard e. Drawing upon 10 years of research, the author provides seven principles for the design of multimedia messages and a cognitive theory of multimedia learning. The cambridge handbook of multimedia learning edited by richard e. Principles of multimedia design chapter 14 multimedia. The 14 principles of multimedia learning slideshare.

The14principlesof multimedialearning multimedia principle deeper learning from words and pictures than from words alone modality. Mayer 2009 supports his multimedia principles using a theory he refers to as the. Mayers principles of multimedia design pitt online duration. Pdf multimedia learning applying multimedia learning to social. This book has been cited by the following publications. Basic principles of multimedia learning part ii the cambridge. Reder, anderson 198082 full text of textbook chapters geography, linguistics. The 12 principles of multimedia instructional design have been reorganized into three sections reducing extraneous processing, managing essential processing. Check if you have access via personal or institutional login. Reading test was always better for teaching without pictures. Multimedia learning kindle edition by mayer, richard e. Principles of multimedia learning center for teaching and. The cambridge handbook of multimedia learning, 2nd ed.

University center for teaching and learning 2,6 views. The updated second edition of the only handbook to offer a comprehensive analysis of research and theory in the field of multimedia learning, or learning from words and images. In short, this book summarizes research aimed at realizing the promise of multimedia learning that is, the potential of using words and pictures together to promote human understanding. Over the past few months ive been sharing a series of posts on the 7 principles of the future employee and the evolution of the employee. Multimedia learning principles for elearning designers. For a deeper dive into mayers principle, you can consider buying or renting the book. The number of principles has increased a little over the years, but theyre still practical, commonsense guidelines for designing effective training. Mayers 12 principles of multimedia learning are a powerful design. The big win for designers is having researchbased evidence to guide and support the decisions you make in course development. Principles of multimedia learning center for teaching. He is an avid fan of mayers 12 principles of multimedia learning, and he very. It examines researchbased principles to determine the most effective methods of multimedia instruction and uses cognitive theory to explain how these methods work. The most straightforward view is that multimedia learning occurs when a learner adds new information to memory. Email your librarian or administrator to recommend adding this book to your organisations collection.

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